Coursework – blog writing to promote

Blog – about holidays in the UK to promote

Title: Holidays – trips in the UK are worth it!

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  • The blog will be for those who live in London or outside of the UK who love sight-seeing. I would like to pass on information on where you can go and what you can see in the UK, all taken from my own perspective.
  • The objective is to show how picturesque and cultural places in your own country can be, and for those who live outside of the UK, they can see what places are worth visiting.
  • Content will come from my own experiences and my own photos will be uploaded.
  • Content will feature a strong image and information on hotel location details and where you can wine and dine.
  • I will measure using WordPress statistics to see the amount of views and where they are coming from. I will promote on Facebook and twitter by posting the link with the headline image. I can then see which platform the click-throughs are being generated from. Also from the WordPress reader, I can see which country someone is viewing from.
  • From the statistics so far within two days of the posts being published, I have succeeded in having a view from another country. I can see a viewer in Spain. I can also see views coming from Facebook and Twitter.

holidays in the UK
Holidays in the UK

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