Coursework – advertisement feature on UKA karate


O2 Competiton
(O2 competition)

Sensei Miranda Wood leads her students to victory

Karate students compete in the London international karate open 2016 at the O2, where they achieved silver and received their medals. Sensei, Miranda Wood teaches young students karate and encourages them to succeed, gaining confidence and motivational skills.

Miranda is part of UKA where their motto is, ‘believe you can and you’re halfway there.’

(Sensei Miranda Wood with her team mates and coach)

Sensei Miranda Wood teaches in Palmers Green and will soon be teaching in Grange Park from 12th September this year.

Classes will not only teach you the art of karate, but will also keep you active for your every day life. You will also have a chance to go on adventures outside of class and do things like hiking and canoeing! This will be beneficial, as they are team-bonding exercises designed to unite the group.

Both kids and adults are welcome! Miranda says the classes will help you with your…

  • Confidence – you will gain a new perspective on life
  • Skills – learn the art of karate
  • Interaction – you will meet new people
  • Health – stimulate your mind and body

‘I really enjoyed achieving my red belt. I always love going to class as they’re always active and I just really like the atmosphere.’
(Katie, aged 15)

Another location from 12th September:
Grange Park Methodist Church
Old Park Ridings
N21 2EU

Mondays at 16:30 – 17:30
for  beginners – with the aim to achieve white and red belts

(Sensei Miranda Wood at the championships)

Meet sensei Miranda Wood (pictured above), who is dedicated to teaching, after the success of achieving her black belt at the beginning of the year.

Join UKA karate and your first lesson will be free! Call for a friendly chat or to book a lesson, on 07780 663 594.

Like UKA Palmers Green Karate’s facebook page and follow them on twitter @palmersgreenkarate




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