Coursework assignment – promotional copy on your favourite car


new citroen c3
(New Citroen C3)

New Citroen C3

Racing towards ingenuity, the new fresh Citroen C3 is coming your way. Taking the cool features from the C4 Cactus and family benefits from the Citroen C4 Picasso, this trendy French supermini will be here to witness up close from the start of 2017.

There will be unique options available, from a choice of sophisticated colours that appear on the roof, foglight trims, side mirrors and AirBump surrounds! Customize your own vehicle with an option of nine exterior colours and three contrasting shades.

An integrated dashcam is installed to not only take your own photos of your drive and upload on social media, but also help record footage automatically 30 seconds before and 60 seconds after a crash. A very clever car indeed!

The engines are powered by the latest generation, small cubic capacity engines. These state-of-the-art engines (the PureTech petrol engine and the BlueHDi diesel engine with Stop & Start) consume less, so are compliant with future Euro6 regulations.

Comfort and style are the key elements, making the new Citroen practical and attractive with all the essence of the Cactus in there too! As the spirit of the C4 Cactus will likely remain across the range in the future…

Excited? So you should be! The all-new Citroen C3 shows to have that zest! That freshness! That creative energy, on the go.

Créative Technologie


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